The Prayer Project

The Prayer Project

The Prayer Project

Sponsored by: ROLTV 35.4 Spokane, WA.

And Are You Praying Ministries.

 A 2020 Vision Of Prayer

                 If My People, Would Humble Themselves and Pray?

        2 Chronicles. 7:14

The central focus on prayer training will:

Personal Prayer

Family Prayer

Corporate (Church) Prayer

Are You Praying?

Prayer is the Key to Revival.

Goal: Develop an “Are you Praying?” prayer group at each church.

  • Coordinate and build a growing prayer group at each church
  • Receive and organize prayer requests.
  • Weekly prayer meeting with Bible study: we will supply recommended videos, books, and workbooks.
  • Develop and support prayer meetings, and prayer vespers to open the Sabbath in person or online.
  • Members are called “Partners” and the groups are called “Prayer Bands”.
  • In larger churches, several “Prayer Bands” can be developed to cover various aspects of prayer needs. Such as Pastors and church leaders, health needs, financial, Children, communities, neighbors, and emergencies.
  • Each “Prayer Partner” should have an “Accountable Partner” fully accountable to each other’s prayer and spiritual growth.
  • Individual prayer closet relationship with God.
  • Partner accountable to a partner
  • Partners accountable to Band (Accountable Prayer Relationships to God and Man)
  • Bands accountable to church and community
  • Daily Accountable Prayer time??? 5 or 7 am Mornings 6 or 8 pm
  • In emergencies coordinate prayer chains within a church, City, State of the country for protracted prayer sessions through the “Are You Praying?” web site, Facebook group, Instagram or mobile app.



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